Adiemus IV – The Eternal Knot

Released in 2001, Adiemus IV: The Eternal Knot is the fourth album by Welsh composer Karl Jenkins as part of the Adiemus project. Inspired by Celtic history and mythology, this album served as the soundtrack to the S4C International documentary The Celts. In additional to rich string orchestrations and vocals borrowing from world musical styles common to Adiemus, Jenkins adds the accompaniment of ethnic instruments such as the Uilleann pipes and Carnyx (Wikipedia).

“Cú Chullain” – 6:15
“The Eternal Knot” – 4:04
“Palace of the Crystal Bridge” – 3:42
“The Wooing of Étaín” – 5:25
“King of the Sacred Grove” – 6:05
“Saint Declan’s Drone” – 3:58
“Salm O ‘Dewi Sant'” – 4:23
“Connla’s Well” – 4:19
“The Dagda” – 7:56
“Children of Dannu” – 3:32
“Ceridwen’s Curse” – 4:30
“Hermit of the Sea Rock” – 1:45
“Isle of the Mystic Lake” – 3:16
“Math Was a Wizard” – 2:57

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