Bệnh tật trên thế giới

Eradicating Guinea worm – Sudan
Despite political and social instability, the war on Guinea worm in southern Sudan continues

Guinea worm’s last stand – Sudan
Guinea worm is on the verge of eradication after causing centuries of misery

Bite of the black fly
A campaign to eliminate river blindness in Africa and the Americas makes progress

Rapid TB test: game changer?
A revolutionary new DNA-based TB test cuts diagnosis time to less than two hours

Malaria resistance: ground zero – Cambodia
In Cambodia, emerging resistance to the best anti-malarial drugs

Health cooperation in Hispaniola
Jimmy Carter tries to persuade Haiti and the Dominican Republic to work together against malaria

Rwanda’s new hospital and hope – Rwanda
Butaro Hospital is changing the health landscape in one of Rwanda’s most remote districts

Nodding disease baffles experts
Mysterious ‘nodding disease’ kills children and confounds health experts

Antibiotics and child mortality – Ethiopia
Studies in Ethiopia show an oral antibiotic cuts child mortality in half

Breakthrough malaria vaccine
A malaria vaccine has eluded scientists for decades, but that could change soon

The rise of resistance
The World Health Organization warns that if drug resistance develops against the best malaria drugs the result could be “catastrophic”

Giving life, for a price

Haiti’s silent killer

Stealth virus – Peru
Experts say blood screening for HTLV-1 is essential to prevent its spread to infants and others at risk.

Decades in the making, a malaria vaccine is near – Kenya
Preliminary results from the RTS,S vaccine trials show 50% cut in malaria cases

Health coaches make house calls – Peru
“Health coaches” in Peru help patients with chronic illnesses stay on track

Dead women walking
Many women with obstetric fistulas suffer social stigmatization for years, sometimes decades. But they can get their lives back with a relatively simple surgery.

Return to Burundi
After narrowly escaping with his life, one of Burundi’s native sons returns to heal old wounds

Cooking, not killing
Cooking over an open fire is cheap, easy…and can be deadly. ‘Clean cookstoves’ could clear the air

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